Pay the Rent - Fundraiser


Over the last few months we’ve been keeping pretty quiet however, given the recent events both at home and in the US, we felt the time was right to resurface and lend our support to those fighting for justice in the face of discrimination. 

Today we’re sharing with you a couple of songs we’ve had sitting on a hard drive since we recorded We Are A Ghost Now, You & I. For the next week, all proceeds from sales on our Bandcamp page will be donated to The Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service - VALS  (to tackle the situation in the present) and Children's Ground (to ensure a better future). 

We’ll also match sales dollar for dollar and remember, from 5pm (AEST) tonight Bandcamp are waiving their fees for 24 hours meaning more money will be available for donation. 

An Image of Modern Evil was inspired by Albert Tucker’s ‘Images of Modern Evil’. It illustrates its protagonists cynical distaste and distrust of the society around him and its propensity for what he sees as vile, immoral cavorting. His anger, projected outwards, is secretly reflected inwards as he is forced to take part in the drain-circling.

Held Once speaks to the delicate, illusory intimacy experienced by two people in charge of a grave secret. Once lit, it floats limp but blindly hopeful for a brief moment before being consumed by the deep and sea of reality and consequence beneath it.

Our favourite thing in the world is making music - it’s devastating to think so many people aren’t afforded the opportunity to do what they love because of the colour of their skin. 

Black Lives Matter. Indigenous Lives Matter. Pay The Rent.