From the recording WE ARE A GHOST NOW, YOU & I


I saw pictures of the Seventies.
I saw Lennon on a plane,
Revolution and the new machine;
I saw Richard Nixon wringing out his hands ‘cause nothings changed.

They’re still fucking in The Killing Fields.
There’s still napalm in the rain.
There’s a tax on almost everything.
Say again John Lennon; only Rock and Roll will die in vain.
I saw pictures of a wedding day,
Saw my mother in her dress.
I saw Grandpa’s beaming, hopeful face.
I don’t need a reason; love and love alone will pave the way.

She is dancing down the runway pleased.
She will marry him and fall.
With electricity and autumn ease;
There’s my Grandma poised to give away their daughter by the wall.

Skip to Grandpa on a blood machine.
They know Grandma on the ward.
I’ve got money. I’ve got everything
But my brain knows better, ‘All We Need Is Love’ won’t stop it all.
In here where money doesn’t help,
“My head is heavy. Can you hold it up?”
“Ten Thirty and the nurse would like to see you if you’re well enough?”
“Man, they want you to say some words.”
Now at the table there’s a space.
I’m not ready for a eulogy; I’m not ready for the next few days.
They’re still fucking in The Killing Fields
But The Ogre changed his name.
I saw Lennon promising me peace.
Even he knew better, Rock and Roll could barely stand the rain.
She leant in and kissed the harrow from his face.
Tell me Lennon did we make it out OK?