1. Halley's Comet

From the recording KING SALT


The blinking neon sign
In the world outside
Is an understated sigh
And it peels my eyes.
I’ll have one more glass of wine
In a whole lifetime
And the guillotine will glide
My way tonight.

I’ll be honest I feel over rated,
This I promised not exonerated.
Halley’s Comet, come uncomplicated.
Panic; Vomit; missing signals.

To the Middle of the night
Goes the old march fly.
No more waving, no goodbyes,
No grace alight.
I have one more chance to fire
Arrows into the sky
Once they land I’ll leave and I
Will be alright.

I’ll be houses, I’ll be picket fences,
I’ll be wine and I’ll be degustation.
I’ll be finance, I’ll be commonplace and
I’ll be honest, I feel over rated.
Halley’s Comet finds me bloated after
Fifty phony mortgage loan repayments.
I’ll be over, I feel closer now to
Loosing moorings and to leaving.