From the recording KING SALT


Every instinct of mine says to leave before the summer.
She is twisting a lime in her drink.
It is well known that I have a history of cancer.
It’s a long stretch of time divides a week.

“Now arriving at parliament.” I wander after exits.
She is waiting for boredom to atrophy.
I’ll be waiting in line ‘til then,
To a freeway I am tethered and I don’t wanna wait
‘Cause I don’t
No I don’t believe in love.
No I don’t believe in love.

Watershed heart
Twisting out my hollow, blackened lungs
Leaves me in the arms of hell.
Watershed heart
Tells me there’s no point in weighing up
These things, there’s no heart in here
Watershed heart,
Shed hard.
Watershed heart,
Shed hard.
Watershed Heart.

She would talk about my weakness in an emphysemic wheeze.
‘There are blisters on you baby that would bring me to my knees.”
She would ask if she could meet me in some histrionic bar
Just to let me down uneasy, hit me so hard I see stars.
And I don’t believe in love so I’ll spare us both the pain
And I’ll raise a glass to animals who would not act this way.
Then I’ll tell it like it is and when 15 years pass
We will act like nothing happened. Party’s over for both of us.