Hope this finds you forever in an
Old black car, you feel overrated.
Oh his timing and stained glass eyes.
This is overrated.

Oh it's frightening and outsides freezing,
A mother's crying and all you'll find
Is this is complicated.

Landfill will open up...

Hold him down, his fists will crack
And maybe every body wanted to take it back.
Under the beaming light of needle tracks
We're sitting silently beside the choir singing...

All this screaming and violence.
Try this and last forever.

I don't believe it,
The sky seems to open up.

What if everybody left
And the sky was getting red
And the missile systems died
And the arrows crack the sky
And at least we had a bed
And at at least we had a home
And at least we had a prayer.
We are free to call it over and out.